Available Second-hand Semiconductor & PV Equipment for Sale

SOS offers transparency in making a beneficial deal for you as equipment owner. 
Our system sales process is based upon in-depth market knowledge, long-term international relations- & partnership network - built over 20 years - and guaranteed integrity in the making and executing of the deal. 

All machines listed are stored in our warehouse and can be inspected on short notice.

ASML 5500/80B 


Condition: “As is” 
Serial number:6176
Date of manufacture:1993

Wafer size 150 (100-200)mm 

Picture of a Axcelis Fusion ES3 Asher

Axcelis Fusion ES3 Asher 


Condition: “As is” 
Serial number: 18E3503-06 
Date of manufacture: 2001

Wafer size 200-300mm 

Picture of a Dainippon Screen Aquaspin SU-3000



Condition: “As is” 
Serial number: 63530-3608 
Date of manufacture: 2004

Wafer size 300mm

Fogale Nanotech DEEPROBE 300-M 


Condition: “As is” 
Serial number: DPB-7DA-001 
Date of manufacture: 2014

Wafer size 200-300mm

Jordan Valley BedeMetrix-L 


Condition: “As is” 
Serial number: S0011 
Date of manufacture: 2006

Wafer size 100-300mm

Rigaku TXRF 300Fab

Rigaku TXRF 300Fab 


Condition: “As is” 
Serial number: ER72007
Date of manufacture: May-2008 

Wafer size 300mm (200/150)